Who are you
that nobody else is? TM

We'll build you a brand that will help
you impact in the world.

You’re the kind of person that works hard to accomplish your goals.

You’re highly motivated, dedicated, and committed to your business, sport, community, or causes.

You overcome fear, risk, and adversity to inspire others and share your story.

You’re a born leader and role model.

However, something might feel missing.

You’ve reached a plateau in your business.

There may be less engagement with your followers.

You’re not as competitive as you would like to be.

You want to improve reaching your target audience.

You desire clear direction, assurance, and achievement within your industry.

We are CreativCat, and we provide impactful brands with practical and effective implementation strategies

to help you go where you’ve never gone before in your professional venture, for the long-haul.

We want to help you:

  • grow your business with confidence
  • define your target audience so you can best resonate with them
  • discover what will give you the most significant competitive edge
  • create a positioning strategy and message framework that cuts through the competitive noise
  • save time - helping you get back to doing what you love most
  • establish awareness and a long-standing platform to further your purpose and cause
  • represent your credibility, identifying you as an expert in your field
  • to be known the way you want to be known

Your brand is the foundation of your business, and it’s much more than a logo and website. It’s about relationships: connecting and building trust with your followers or clients to develop a loyal customer base.

Once that’s established, your business plan, marketing, sales, social media campaigns, and overall growth will be substantially impacted.

We offer:

  • Brand Substance
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Brand Persona
  • Core Message and Brand Story Frameworks
  • Brand Name and Frontline Hooks
  • Brand Identity System
  • Brand Presence
  • Brand Master Guide
  • Implementation Tools: we'll show you how to manage and implement your brand

Bringing over a decade of branding experience, our team will guide you every step of the way to ensure you’re equipped with a framework for lasting achievement.

Let's start blazing your trail.

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Featured Client

There are tons of other tea companies out there and I knew I needed help making Pandan Tea Leaf stand out. I've worked with CreativCat in the past, and was amazed at how impactful the logo they designed was for my business so it was an obvious choice to work with them again to build my new brand. Working with CreativCat resulted in messaging that truly aligns with my vision, another incredible logo, and the resources to easily and consistently deliver our message across all brand communications. I would recommend CreativCat simply becuase they are amazing!


Pandan Tea Leaf Owner

Denver, Colorado