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Meet Jaime Ofalt

CreativCat Design Co-Owner Brand Strategist and Content Creator

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This was a conversation that Shoutout Colorado featured as an interview.

Hi Jaime, how has your background shaped the person you are today?
I’m from a small town in western Pennsylvania. I grew up close to my family with parents and grandparents who sacrificed and worked harder than anyone I knew to give my sister and me everything they could. Dad talked a lot about wanting his girls to go to college. More than that, he desired for us to chase our dreams because he missed out on some of his own and worked a job that physically wore him out. That job would eventually take his life after a tragic fall. Watching my parents put us first and work night and day to put food on the table instilled within me a drive to work hard myself. But I was also very aware that dreams are essential, and they’re in us for a reason. I wanted to honor my Dad and family by chasing mine. Whenever I get worn out after long days and even longer weeks, I remember my parents and grandparents and the hard road they walked to help get me to where I am now. And then I dig in and get back to work, unwilling to let them down.

What should our readers know about your business?
I’m co-owner of CreativCat Design. We help purpose-driven solopreneurs and athletes experience long-term achievement through their unique brand without frustration or confusion by establishing who they are that nobody else is. But we’re different from other branding and design agencies that focus solely on logos, website design, and development. We build brands on a strategic framework, create a powerful brand identity, and then show our clients how to use it. Our tools arm our clients with the right message for the right audience, helping them cut through the competitive noise and ultimately convert prospects into loyal customers. I am most proud and excited about how we build brands differently. Brands that think, feel, and connect like a real person. They know what to say, whom they’re talking to, when to speak, and how to act. And these brands take their audience on a journey of transformation. I’ve had quite the journey myself getting to where I am as a business owner today. I experienced many unique opportunities with marketing, event planning, sales, and communication in college. I fulfilled a lifelong dream of serving in the United States Coast Guard, and then pursued my long-awaited ambition to write and own my own business shortly after having children. After spending over a year copywriting for CreativCat and learning about branding, I developed a passion for building brands on a strategic foundation and decided to pivot (did anyone else just hear Ross from Friends?!). I dove into a comprehensive brand strategy course and realized that this new service would change everything for CreativCat, our clients, and my career as a freelance writer.

The owner of CreativCat (who is also my sister!) saw so much value in this new service that she asked me to join her company as a partner, co-owner, and brand strategist. It’s like the purrfect culmination of my past experiences, education, and skill set. And we knew we were better together. Becoming a branding agency co-owner has been challenging with plenty of long hours and hard work. I have to find a way to balance work life with home life. Being intentional with my time, keeping my priorities aligned, organizing, and planning has to happen daily so that I’m able to devote enough time to my family, close friends, clients, and myself. But I didn’t grow into the person I am today overnight. Going through some tough times in my life has only made me stronger, wiser, and more equipped than ever to be more unyielding, resistant, and steadfast in my relationships and business. Life is full of surprises, difficulties, and struggles. But it’s during those seasons that I’ve learned to lean in, trust God, and keep myself stirred up to believe that the good, joyful, and beautiful could and will be around the next corner (or two!). Everything we face in our lives is part of our story, and if we allow it, the good and the hard can make us better. As a brand strategist, I want to help equip others to share their story. Stories that impact, influence, and ultimately change the world around them through equally impactful brands. I aim to do everything with excellence, and I want to look back at the end of my own life and story and say, “I ran my race, I did my best, and I gave it all I had.”

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?

I would start by taking them to the Mile High Step at the Capitol Building (marking one mile above sea level). Then we would take a trip out to Red Rocks Amphitheater and take in the fantastic views! We would hit up local breweries such as my favorite, Joyride Brewery, located in Edgewater, CO. We would walk down 16th Street and do some shopping, but not without getting a delicious meal along the way on Larimer Street. Depending on the season, we would hike in the front range or head up to Rocky Mountain National Park. If it’s winter, no doubt we are hitting the slopes on some of my favorite mountains. Depending on the adventure level, we could do some outdoor rock climbing or go white water rafting. Hiking a 14er is always a favorite, but those from the sea-level cities may have a tough time at the higher altitudes. Camping and backpacking in the mountains is the best way to disconnect! Baseball games are always a fun time, getting rooftop tickets and hanging out with friends!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?

Without my Dad, I wouldn’t be where I am, be who I am, or have this amazing life full of remarkable people. This interview is dedicated to you, Dad, and the ultimate sacrifice you made for those you loved most. I miss you every day.