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A Guided Experience

Need a Little Guidance? Learn All About What it Means to Have a Good Brand.

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Featured on Actually Ashley Podcast

Jaime and I, Danielle, interviewed with Ashley Dodge, Some Startup in Colorado, on her show, Actually Ashley. During this podcast, we discussed how we got our start, who and how we serve, and the future of CreativCat Design. Check out the podcast to learn more!

The Complete Beginners Guide to Copywriting for Business Owners

Being a business owner takes a lot of work. Yet, it can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things you do. Part of driving your business forward is good copywriting. Eek – just the word writing might bring …
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Hilary Terrell Coaching

Our CreativCat team had the opportunity to support an influential, Colorado-based, board-certified health and wellness coach. We provided several branding tools along with a complete website, including content, design, and development. Please continue to read as Hilary Terrell shares about her …
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Successful Business Websites:

The internet went live in 1991. Since then, websites have grown to become one of the most influential marketing tools for businesses. For many consumers, they’re often the first brand touchpoint – helping prospects learn more about your products and …
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Who Are You That Nobody Else Is?®

You did it – you took the leap and started your own business. It’s both an exciting, and potentially nerve wracking, time. You’re likely wondering, “Where do I begin?” Or, if you’ve already been around for a while, …
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Taking Your Brand To The Next Level

You’ve just started a business or are in the first few years. Maybe you’re an athlete or influencer, ready to take your platform and reach the next level. But what’s that next step for business growth? How do …
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Our paths crossed with Thayer Hirsh, co-founder of Knome, at a Summit County Chamber networking event. We were trying to figure out how to get to the event and struck up a conversation about our businesses. Thayer not only shared …
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Beating The Odds:

As a business owner, you are ambitious, persistent, and passionate about what you do. Your organization is your lifeline; you care deeply about your mission to provide your customers with unique and compelling products and services. But your …
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A Challenging Climb with an Incredible View

The world has changed over the last few years in unprecedented ways. But at CreativCat, we continue to forge ahead, aiming to impact the community around us through matchless content, inspiring design, and most of all – empowering …
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Pandan Tea Leaf

When Mariah approached us about her new business venture, we were captivated from the beginning. It wasn’t just her unique product or the ritualistic, connective, and explorative experience she wanted to offer. It was her powerful story, her …
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Meet Jaime Ofalt

Meet Jaime Ofalt | CreativCat Design Co-Owner // Brand Strategist and Content Creator This was a conversation that Shoutout Colorado featured as an interview. Hi Jaime, how has your background shaped the person you are today?I’m from a small …
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Brands And Their Impact On

Nearly two out of three small businesses fail within their first decade of operation. Why is this such a staggering number? Because they’re missing the mark with individuals and consumers. Businesses are centered around people: understanding them, providing value, displaying …
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Neuromarketing Part 2:

Introduction Our last blog post uncovered a powerful truth: most consumer buying decisions are made in the subconscious brain. And this insight has rocked the marketing world. Neuroscientists began studying the brain from a marketing standpoint. They discovered …
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