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Kinetic Featured Case Study

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“We thought our solution was a new website. We found our actual solution was a better understanding of our company’s role in our customers’ lives.” – Dr. Gabe Kresge, Kinetic

In 2023, CreativCat Design partnered with Kinetic, an ambitious, life-impacting movement company. We had the opportunity to bring their passion, dedication, and exciting vision to life with a rebrand and website build. Working with their incredible team has been one of the greatest and most rewarding projects our CreativCat team has completed to date. 

Read to learn more about their experience working with our team.

Kinetic is a Physical Therapy company with aspirations to change how the world thinks about human movement. We have always been more than a private PT company and have always aspired to bring access to our unique products and services to our communities.

Prior to using CreativCat, we had difficulty articulating our vision of the future of movement services to the public. We also needed help getting our message into the world and in front of our customers.

We explored other rebrand and design companies but were unsatisfied with their proposals. CreativCat was the first and only company to truly hear our desires and articulate to us that if we wanted to reach these goals, we had to delve into our DNA, discover who we truly are/what we bring to the world, and THEN present that newly discovered vision to the public through an AWESOME website.

We thought our solution was a new website. We found our actual solution was a better understanding of our company’s role in our customers’ lives.

CreativCat listened and understood what our ultimate end goal was. Then, instead of agreeing with our perspective, they had the courage to tell us that if we really wanted to reach our goal, a new website wasn’t the solution. We needed to redefine ourselves first, THEN showcase that through a new website.

We can honestly say that the rebranding process was AWESOME! We had such a great time learning, discussing, and planning with the CreativCat Team. We left every meeting energized and excited!

Thanks to CreativCat, we finally have a solid understanding of our target customer (down to their base fears, drives, and even what music they listen to). This data is invaluable and is not something we would have discovered on our own.

Jaime and Danny are SUCH great listeners and do nothing but deliver.

We can’t wait to move onto phase ll of our website build and continue discovering more about each individual product and service we provide.

We’ll use this messaging and content in all marketing and customer communication going forward. 

If you’re wondering if these services are worth the money, they are.

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