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A Challenging Climb with an Incredible View

Unraveling 2021. What a Year It's been

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The world has changed over the last few years in unprecedented ways. But at CreativCat, we continue to forge ahead, aiming to impact the community around us through matchless content, inspiring design, and most of all – empowering and authentic brands. And 2021 has been a year to remember for our team.

We started this year with not only a complete overhaul of our website (shoutout to Drew Griffiths at World Shift Tech and his talented team!) but an unbelievable shift in our service-offering and company ownership. CreativCat Design became a family business. We added Jaime Ofalt, sister (let it be known that she’s the older one!), and now co-owner alongside Danielle Shearer. Jaime brought her leadership experience, content creation skills, a drive to impact others, and a transformative service: brand strategy.

The brand strategy service provides foundational internal statements (purpose, mission, vision, and values), instrumental audience and brand personas, invaluable messaging, competitive positioning, and an identity with an impactful logo. When partnered with brand presence such as websites, business cards, packaging, and more, these tools help our clients achieve limitless influence, connection, opportunities, and business growth.

Coupled with Danielle’s matchless design ability and experience, we are two unique cats specializing in different areas, utilizing diverse skill sets, strengths, and talents. And because of our differences, we’re able to deliver the best products to our customers. We are better together.

Once our new website and our sister pawtnership were announced, we kicked off not one but two brand projects with two amazing women: Mariah Lafey of Pandan Tea Leaf and Morgan McGlashon, athlete and ski guide. In the middle of those brand builds, Danielle and The Captain loaded up and moved the business upward – into the beautiful mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado.

In July, Jaime packed up her three kids, husband, and our Mom, driving (you heard us correctly – driving!) 1,800 miles from their home in Philly to reunite with the other “Cats” in Colorado. Not only did they enjoy some much-needed family time and rest, but they were also honored to participate in news interviews, a branded video, a photoshoot, and met with potential clients. Shortly after the cross-country voyage, CreativCat took off to unimaginable heights – acquiring more brand projects, writing content opportunities, and ongoing design demands. The sister team has been quite busy!

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2021 is a year we won’t forget. We’ve:

It’s been a wild ride, and the most exciting part is that we know it’s only the beginning for CreativCat – the best is yet to come! And we are thrilled about the upcoming collaborative brand projects in 2022.

Thank you to all of our family, close friends, partners, and supporters who helped make two cats live their dream every day. We wouldn’t be here without you – and we’re delighted to be able to help influence people, businesses, and the greater community for a better future — one brand, purpose, and story at a time.

So, what’s your story? Are you ready to discover your mark and make an impact? If so, let’s start blazing your trail.