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Meow! Nice to meet YOU

Recognition, credibility, and consistency:
we provide impactful brands with practical and effective implementation strategies to help you go where you’ve never gone before in your professional venture.

CreativCat is a dynamic and mighty team of creatives, spearheaded by Danielle Shearer and Jaime Ofalt. We are passionate about creating brands that can help others share their passion and purpose.

Danielle Shearer

Co-Owner // Personal Brand Specialist // CreativDirector

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, I knew that I wanted to impact people through design for the rest of my life as a young teenager. In 2010, I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design from Edinboro University. Since then, I have worked as a professional graphic designer for more than a decade, starting my career in Pittsburgh. In 2015, I took my adventure to Colorado’s mountains, elevating my personal and professional life. This move across the country pulled me entirely out of my comfort zone, and it helped me grow even more as a branding designer.

Leaning into some wisdom my dad had shared with me when I initially began my career, I decided to start my own business and significantly impact individuals as a designer. Today, serving others through branding and design to honor him is one of my most important life missions.

When I’m not turning my client’s dreams into reality, I am making turns on fresh pow (skiing) and enjoying the Colorado lifestyle: biking, hiking, climbing, and running in my free time. But it’s not just the outdoors that I’m passionate about; I also love to bake crafty cakes!

And don’t be surprised if my Assistant CreativCat, Captain Jack, insists on tagging along. He’s my inspiration for our company’s name and has played an essential role in my journey.

Career Accomplishments

125 Brands

39 Website Designs

100 Packaging Designs

401 Design Projects

50 Clients

12 Paintings




Mountains Skied (US & France)


Miles of Biking


Half Marathons




Pittsburgh Penguin Games


Backstreet Boys Concerts


Cups of Coffee


of Cheese Fries


Hands of Rummy Winner


Glasses of Whiskey


Items of Turquoise

Jaime Ofalt

Co-Owner // Brand Strategist // Content Creator

My dream to write and share others’ stories began at just 9-years-old when I created my first fiction piece on a newly purchased typewriter. I continued to write throughout high school and college while also developing a passion for business, sports, and marketing.

In 2008, I graduated cum laude from Flagler College with a Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management. My degree allowed me to run marketing teams, secure sponsorships, work with professional sporting arenas, and develop my marketing, communication, and journalism skills. My journey shifted when I pursued a lifelong desire to join the military. I grew as a leader and excelled in every qualification and mission to which I was given. After an incredibly life-changing four years, I decided to complete my tour and continue my writing and marketing journey as a civilian.

I’m now a professional brand strategist and content creator. I’ve found an opportunity where I’m able to utilize all of my education, training, skill sets, and experience to equip others to attain the next level of achievement in their industry.

I have grown personally through all of the adversities I have faced during the last few years: losing a parent, military moves, health challenges, and raising a family with unique dynamics. When I’m not building brand strategies and writing content, I can be found at home with my three energetic kids and amazing husband, doing the family thing. I also love weightlifting, biking, journaling, baking, connecting with close friends, daydreaming about palm trees, and turning everyday moments into memorable ones with my girls.

2014 Coast Guard Achievement Medal

2017+ Team Builder, Mentor, and Social Media Content Creator

2019+ Published Content & Copywriter

2021 Brand Master Academy’s Course Completion

2021 Shoutout Colorado Meet Jaime

2021 July TV8 Summit Sunrise Interview

Career Accomplishments

10 Complete Brands, Including Strategy

10 Mission Statements,
Vision Statements, and Taglines

20 Brand Stories

41 Website Content Pages

110 Blog Posts

505 Writing Projects

Captain Jack

CFO (Chief Feline Officer) // Professional Napper

At six weeks old, I met my “mew” mom while she was in college. I began helping her with school projects, which assisted her at her first job in Pittsburgh. It’s there where we built the foundation for her career, and I learned how to play cat and mouse (on the computer, of course!).

Five years later, she packed me up into the car, and we drove for an eternity – nearly using up one of my nine lives. Little did I know that “meowm” was moving us across the country, taking us on a remarkable personal and professional adventure.

As she grew in her career, her personal life took a hit. And I knew that it was essential to be by her side. But she was stronger, braver, and felt ready to go after her dreams. The day she started her business (inspired by me, of course) is the day our relationship and her professional reach grew to new heights. And I’m fur-ever grateful, getting to spend more time with her.

Whether it’s joining her on a hike in my exclusive kitty-backpack (some people call me “Bubble Boy” when I’m in it) or playing at the park (I try to eat all of the grass), we really are best pals.

And when it’s time to get to work, don’t be surprised if you see me pop in on Zoom calls! At the end of the day, I see a happy meowm making others’ dreams come true. And that’s all that matters to me.

Career Accomplishments

76 Zoom Calls

679 Projects Managed

3/9 Lives

159,220 Naps

7 Hikes

2018 Buzzfeed Animals Feature

“Life isn’t about material things. It’s about helping others and doing my part to slowly make the world a better place. And I can do that through art, design, creating, and building brands. I design with purpose and passion.”

– Danielle Shearer, CreativCat Owner

Located in Breckenridge, Colorado, we boast national clients in additional states such as Utah, New York, New Jersey, California and Pennsylvania.