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Featured Case Study

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Our paths crossed with Thayer Hirsh, co-founder of Knome, at a Summit County Chamber networking event. We were trying to figure out how to get to the event and struck up a conversation about our businesses. Thayer not only shared that he would be presenting at the event, but their team also needed rebranding help.

Just one month later, they reached out and hired us to begin building their brand. And once we kicked everything off, we were immediately intrigued by their service.

Knome’s story begins when, in 2015, Thayer experienced his own home care issue. His basement flooded because of an undiagnosed drainage problem, costing him unexpected time, money, and resources. He knew that there must be a better way to manage home care, and he was inspired to empower homeowners with preventative home maintenance solutions. Ted Coleman, also co-founder of Knome, later joined the mission because he utilized Thayer’s solutions first-hand, transforming his personal homeowner experience. Together, they deliver customized, focused, and integrated value so homeowners can focus on what matters most.

So, join us as the co-founders of Knome share their brand strategy experience: the beginning of their remarkable new chapter.  

We are a software company building a mobile app that provides homeowners with an instruction manual for their homes.

We were rebranding from a previous name and logo while also pivoting the company’s custom acquisition strategy.

We were looking for a modern, fresh logo and positioning. Our previous name and logo were hard to distinguish in the app world.

We were looking for a holistic approach to branding and strategy.

Yes. But we were most impressed with CreativCat’s approach and portfolio, despite them being more expensive. 

We prefer to work with local companies whenever we can. We really liked their portfolio and entire approach. 

Logos are always fun…

We were trying to move quickly at the end of 2021. CreativCat was very accommodating to our timeline.

We have a greater understanding of our product’s core message and persona from a marketing standpoint.

We’ll use this messaging and content in all marketing and customer communication going forward. 

Rapid iteration of ideas and feedback.